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Fer à souder à gaz - The improved model uses a cotton thread instead of plastic tube in the visible fuel tank. As the cotton thread is dipped in fuel tank, while user ignites the soldering tool, the flame will be constantly during operation which enhances the reliability & safety to the product.
1985 DZD

Fer à souder à gaz

It is a high quality and long lasting soldering iron compare to traditional soldering irons. This pencil type soldering iron which you can carry on yourself easily, has different functions such as heating, soldering and blowing . It also provides a comfortable grip to its user with its light and compact design.Soldering head is long lasting and warms up fast. It is a useful product sor sectors such as automotive, field service, telecom, electronic, yachts, boats etc.
  • Ideal for education and hobby applications, small electrical parts, repairing of electrical home devices.
  • It is long lasting, warms up fast.
  • It has fire control for sensitive useage.
  • Butane level can be seen easily.
  • It has different functions such as heating, soldering and blowing
  • Operates with butane which is lighter gas.
Technical Features:
  • Soldering Temperature: 370°C
  • Hot Blowing Temperature: 500°C
  • Warm Up Temperature: 1300°C
  • Fuel Capacity: 6 ml
  • Operation Time: 30-45 minutes 


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